Are You Vulnerable ??

Vulnerable Test:

The more they know about you the more vulnerable you are and the more emotions you show the more you will be hated, because everybody got their own hurdles to handle and if you share them yours without solutions they definitely don’t wanna talk to you after some time. (You are a question bank with no solutions which is JUST useless)

Fighting hurdles and you tell people how you solved each of them – You become a motivational speaker. Become a motivation and inspiration not a burden, I know you want to share your feelings and every problem you are going through but kid listen world has changed enough that, they stopped caring your feelings. They are more interested in skipping hurdles in their own timeline and if you grab them into yours – soon you will be tagged “jerk, loser, coward, bitch, girl, joker… etc”

Work on the hurdles and make them shine like medals & badges on your body and mind. You are born to achieve things which nobody ever could… “Failure and Success” are just words. If you come across failure in life’s path, even that’s an achievement, isn’t it?? – Which nobody tells you.

How to Face’em??

It’s really hard facing those lonely nights, failed subjects, lacking knowledge, self-confident days. But grab a pen, write things down and try every probability that caused the pain just like the way you do it with mathematics problems. We are so dumb that we solve simple equations and expressions on paper and forget to note down the toughest problems our lives are facing, it is something we should be told first than teaching subjects that doesn’t make sense.


Broaden your thoughts and mind, only way to do it is “Listen to songs” the song or music you are so much connected to, could be the solution to those issues. This article was written while ME listening to the song “MAD WORLD”. I had this on my mind for sometime but processing the content to a meaningful article took few days.

Different situations + Sad/Love/Failure/Success Song = Miracle Solution for your problem….TRUST ME!!



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