The Melody of Positivity


The Breath Of Positivity:

Today I hung up guitar to my bed and left it so, after sometime I was walking by and accidentally hits the bed, that’s when the magic happened, a clean melody with high frequency surrounds the room. The hit/collision (pain) caused resonance with the bed and passed to the guitar which did it’s job – ‘MUSIC’. Like the bed we humans are in pain when some external entity hits, whose suffering makes us weak but if we establish connection with positivity the pain becomes temporary.


I’m glad that I went through this situation and understood it’s essence, when negativity hits us we must get ourselves attached to the people/things that makes the pain a melody, We know pain is never a soft process but when shared in company with a positive person creates a soothing effect to suffering. Pain with negativity is agony than pain with positiveness around. We need is a good supporting system that makes us feel better, and anything that helps us live without immense agony is “LIVING”.

A bad influence/situation making you ‘not you’ is equal to ‘DEATH’, find positivity(Instruments) and hook’em around your chest like an armor – because LIFE is all about LIVING not suffering, get to a situation where your thoughts whisper – “What more I can LOSE”, then every situation is painless and you my boy would be the perfect example of open-mind.

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