Rejected for being POOR!

A poor boy loved a rich girl.

One day the boy proposed her. Then the girl said, “listen! your monthly salary is my daily hand expenses. Should I be involved with you? How did you even think so? I will never love you. Now go! forget me and engage with someone else of your level”

But somehow the boy couldn’t forget her so easily. The struggle within him continued to be a part of his life, where love towards her became eternal and saturated. Being a very optimistic and a positive person he poured his every emotion into his work.

Few years later….

On a fine day they both came face to face in a shopping center. The lady said, “Hey! you! How are you? Now I’m married. Do you know how much is my husband’s salary? 5,000$ per month! Can you imagine? ‘n he is smart too” The guy’s eyes got wet with tear on hearing those words.

After few minutes her husband comes, and before the lady could say anything about him, the husband starts saying – “Sir! You here? So glad to meet you! Meet my wife.”

He then tells her wife, “I’m going to assist a project of sir’s, which is of 40,000,000$ ‘n do u know a fact? Sir loved a girl but got rejected for money and the standard he was in. He loved her so much that he didn’t think of marrying anyone else. How lucky the girl would’ve been. Who will love someone so unconditionally and eternally?”

Moral: Life is so short that we can’t decide or judge someone’s standards and lifestyle. Don’t be so proud of yourself and damn others. Situations change with time. Every one should respect other’s love and for the person they are.

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