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We don’t know the reason why LIFE becomes so good all of a sudden, introducing good people and situations. I think I have known life very well by now, coz it is so dynamic that we can’t even predict, but our past instincts have some influence on future. People call it karma and I call it – “Designing our own fate with the decisions we’ve made in past”. It really feels amazing that no one even knew you and cared you till yesterday and then all of a sudden very next day you find people understanding, caring and being part of you.

I’m going to be 23 now, I’m sure that life has tried to get the best out of me by this time. I have become stubborn, strong with taking decisions, determined, focused and almost perfect (with just few imperfections). It feels like having many master degrees in LIFE compared to others, by obtaining more experience & precision levels through time.

It’s not the situations that decide your maturity, it’s the period of time you were in the battle, fighting every single day and week with the same problem hitting you, so that one day you get numb to it’s pain. That day you can proudly say that you have the mastery over situations & you are matured enough to deal with anything.

Now let’s get back to our original content, this feel of affection and care I couldn’t understand because it was never part of my 23 years of journey. The journey was more of a bullet train with less stations (caring and understanding) but more people (situations) on deck, my comparisons are little out of mind sometimes but that’s okay.

So, I was talking to the other girl from the same school I studied at Madhya Pradesh, after I chatted with her I said my girl that today I was chatting with so and so girl. She got angry and said “Bye!”, “Go talk to her forget me”.

Then I gave her some space to think and called her, she said this thing at one point “I can’t share you with anyone, You are mine” and those words hit my heart so hard that for a second it felt like the heart popped out. Then I said “You are part of me, you merged deep into my thought processes, can’t help taking you out. So girl listen I’m now part of you too so I’m gonna have to stick to the plans you made inside yourself”. I know this is insane and complicated conversation I ever did but I couldn’t help myself from saying her.

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