Nothing Else Matters

Nothing Matters (Short Notes)


  • Brain – Chip
  • Chip has software and algorithm (like we possess thoughts, ideas etc)
  • Thoughts are shared and carried on and on even though the chip dies.
  • Memory is like Hard Disk. (Hard disks are formatted quite oftenly just to replace the old Operating System with a better one)

“Source Idea Of Article – I used to have a dual core processor desktop when I was in 7th class, which I didn’t upgrade for years but I always tried to upgrade to a better Operating system but the system wouldn’t work whenever I try to upgrade the OS, either the audio drivers won’t exist or the system hangs. It’s completely waste upgrading the software unless the hardware isn’t supporting. Either it needs to have better RAM, Hard disk, Graphic card to run the new Operating System. So I think we humans are born with certain hardware which are meant to execute certain tasks and operations we are meant, but we are brain washed, formatted to become something others want to, which ends up failing like I did killed my desktop”. Now let’s jump into my thoughts on this….

Born with chips (Controllers) which can be programmed and updated as per needs and situations, but our thoughts doesn’t come with an expiry date like our body and brain. The thoughts are carried out like program’s algorithm from one chip to another. We are capable of becoming anything, born with special features and functions, each designed precisely for a different task and operation.

We should interface ourselves to other chips compatible with our functionalities, thereby forming an organised system capable of performing tasks which individuals can’t. But look around what’s happening?? Slavery to something which always changes and corrupts our mindset, doesn’t allow us to listen to our inner voice and beauty. Never gives you a peaceful environment to think and execute things you love and are passionate about, even if listened to inner voice and found out what we need, there will be thousands around trying to prove me wrong, though they never tried or executed in their life, these are said because “They never heard it happen” “Never gave it a try” “Never understood that they lacked something we seem to possess” “Scared of failure”. Funny that they want life without failures and risks.

Your voice is calmed by interfacing you to a different chip’s ecosystem and formatted every single time you try to be yourself. Spinning you around so hard that life seems okay and happy without your passion and things you love, that is because you have been formatted too many times and pressured to forget those memories and thoughts. What are they trying to do?? Why do they say you are a piece of shit?? – Just because you are different, if you have more negativity around you then MAN!! you are on the fucking right path. Failure is just a word, you learn more things than success teaches you, what would a successful life give/teach you?? Love, caring, good happenings, gifts, special powers. BITCH! Now stop! let me put you through what Failure teaches/gives you –

  • Life.
  • How hungry stomach pains.
  • People around you.
  • Attitude.
  • Patience.
  • Betterment.
  • Down to earth.
  • Comprehensive thinking, and

nothing matters

My friends (guitarists, drummers, animators, artists, bloggers, vloggers) stop bitching about life and family that doesn’t support you. You are born challenging million sperms and won this LIFE, now it’s your duty to design it your way or else those dead million sperms are gonna laugh at your LIFE. You are your own support system, you feel hungry you eat not your dad, mom, sis, friends or girlfriend. So BITCH stop complaining!! start working on what you LOVE!! Anything you are doing can be monetized and made money out of it, stop paying for unnecessary courses/studies that doesn’t teach you shit, get to work learn life by yourself.

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