LOVE vs LUST now | New Update 2018


love vs lust

Love is just a part of life, It’s not life – said mind, and I agree on it completely. No-one in life is gonna express the exact feelings they are experiencing at that moment . I keep telling myself every time I see one of my friend suffer in relationships, the only thing that lags is frankness, loyalty and when you chose someone be close to you, you just speak out every single thing you feel about him/her.

And If that’s not the case then there is fear in each one of them to express what they are feeling, to just maintain their relationship status they are acting to impress each other every single time, even though feeling something else at the moment. The constant struggle leads to one outcome- Misunderstanding or relation’s end which never was a genuine one.

I told you Fear is a Parasite in lonely soul part-2, it’s just everywhere effecting your thoughts and relations. You try to be something you aren’t, expressing only the good thoughts never including the bad ones in your game of relation. I know he/she might not like what you did or doing, but if you be loyal and exact, they at least will know that you say truth every time you talk. Now a days confession is also a big drama, a new emotional black mail to make the other do something for you.

You know the things that are binding you and your parents forever?? Loyalty, Patience and Genuine character you show them, that’s the only fucking reason in life that is keeping your relation alive for decades. But what happens in your kind of love?? You just make fake/temporary promises to benefit on something they possess.

Your mind is a bitch, which keeps changing your commitments and promises every fucking time, every fucking year, Why can’t you control that?? Meditate, Selfanalysis, Physical activity can get you a perfect answer for all the kinds of emotions you are experiencing – the good and the bad ones.

My professor once told in class, “If you really want to love someone, you should go for it with commitment but If you name the physical attraction with LOVE I’m recommend you go spend a night with a call girl”. We cursed him a lot, little did we knew about people around us, but a later year when we noticed tens and twenties of relationships broke in-front of us, then we realized “He was right, for all the fucking time” People have replaced LOVE with word LUST, Emotions with Greed and changed many many things.

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