Chapter 1: The Inception

‘LOVE’ is not a discrete emotion.


“Fuck! I think I’m in love! Am I?” Arita panicked. The movie was rolling and there appeared flashbacks; Arita’s life’s catastrophe. Arita was always enthusiastic about traveling. In her first year of college, when she got to know about a paid tour offered by Trell, she dint want to miss the chance. So she applied. Amazing offer but there were conditions. She had to make a photographical trail of any of her past journeys and post it with description of the adventure story behind it. The best ones would get selected. She did everything that was right to win the contest. However she failed. She was disheartened but she knew someday will be her day. Later she was informed that her trails were liked by a new but recommended travel blogging club called ‘Hats off foots on’. She was very excited but was dubious about it, because of its name. She was informed about a meeting held by that club whose agenda was to create awareness about the club and to offer openings for new members. She was reluctant to go alone but anyhow she went.

The meeting was at 11:30 A.M. Punctuality has a different definition in practical life. She reached the meeting place on time which was against the rite of human. Since she violated it, she was subjected to punishment. Luckily she wasn’t the only one. The heads of the club too were idiots like her. So they decided to suffer together. They went into the room where the meeting was supposed to be held and prepared to welcome the V.I.Ps. There were three of them. They were all guys. She knew only one guy there, Rohan because he was the one to contact her. Arita was a little fidgety. She dint know what to speak so she decided to stay calm and wait for the official meeting to start. She couldn’t even play with the phone because it would be rude. She was dying inside, from listening to the whooshing air, which whispered due to the rotating fan, probably that was the only thing she could hear. Slowly it started penetrating her ears so much that she couldn’t bare it anymore. She was feeling dumb and her throat was drying up badly. Finally she took a bold step to look up and when she did, she found two eyes busy with a phone screen, other four glancing occasionally on her. Her eyes met two of the four eyes and she involuntarily posed for a colgate ad which wasn’t for the commercial. She got a warm smile in response. Then the conversation began, she felt relieved.

The guy asked her name and then conversation went on from her bio-data to random stuff like hobbies, music, etc. Forty minutes passed and then the V.I.Ps entered the room, one by one. Finally the meeting started at 12:30. The meeting went very well and the speeches took her enthusiasm to a level where she started imagining of buying an awesome track shoe, a purple colored backpack, a hiking tent, isolated hill surrounded by dense forest, bike riding on a hill covered with snow and stopping to play with the snow and what not. She just wanted to leave the meeting and go shop. She was so desperate that she could go for a trip right away. She was feeling so joyous thinking about it that she got light tears in her eyes and her heart was thumping like that of a rat. She got goosebumps thinking about it. She had so many emotions at the same time that she thought she’d die from dopamine overdose. She whispered to herself, “Fuck! I think I’m in love! Am I?”

 Article by Charitha Chouhan

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