Little Lonely Soul

Lonely Soul :

This lonely soul story is about a little boy Krishna who always lingered on his mother’s lap, never wanted to know what the world was like, nor he knew how to speak or understood the meaning of words he heard. His mother was his world. He kept himself in pin-drop silence as he had greater fears in his life. Fear of the man who roared like a lion in his house every time he entered the den. All the mischief he did till then stops abruptly, like a halt to the run, scream and laugh. He knew the aftermath if he had continued with his carefree goings-on.

Days went by, months passed he remained silent even with mom. A little girl entered their life. Everyone celebrated but he couldn’t understand what was it for. In the party, he hid under a table thinking that lion would hit or scream at someone, so he started shivering with fear. The guests laughed at the boy’s behavior, made fun of him that how timid he was. He was more afraid now because he knew what would happen after they leave. That night he got a slap and few warnings not to repeat that behavior ever again in front of others. He never cried in front of anyone because they said “Boys never cry”, everyone laughed at him even more if he did.

lonely soul

A day had finally come – Krishna had to go to school, he was scared of too many people around so he stayed behind mom, cried “Don’t leave me, I didn’t do anything wrong. Please take me home, I will never eat mud.”, tried the best he could but everything in vein. Nobody explained him, why he had to attend school or go there because they never got that time to talk. He was scared every time the lion said him throwing into a hostel (a place where people take children shirts off and throw rats and insects on them). He cried and cried, his mom too left sobbing helplessly, but the lion’s attitude remained the same because he never cared.

The boy found a lady wearing the same color saree which his mom wears too, he got on her feet begging to leave him. He didn’t knew that she will be the one to help him, fight against all his fears, he cried for a very long time till the water dried off. He slept over there, the lady didn’t say anything not even tried to wake him up.
He woke up, found himself in a completely different place, the most comfortable place for him – under the table. The lady came close and gave him a Mango candy, he didn’t take it because the chaotic mind was told  “Whoever gives candy to children kidnap and sell them somewhere very farrrr. He cried out of fear and crawled as fast as he could under the tables but there was no where else to go. She held him like his mother, figured out a way to make him eat the candy and sang him a song. The boy felt better, warmth and peace didn’t know how to talk but, still cried in his mumbling voice with his head on the lady’s shoulder.
The boy in class feared the crowd and noise, he got under his bench every single time someone shouted or made heavy noise in class. Students made fun of him, made him more uncomfortable. He used to run to the lady every time he felt low or bullied, she talks to him for some time and drop him back to his class. He chose a bench in the left corner of the class, next to him was a big window through which he used to observe the outside ground and things happening around. Once he saw few people fighting for one round object, thought it was something precious, and thought the object had boundaries in which they try to grab from each other, silly now though it was just basket ball game….
He started hating home where he had to stay calm, controlled, play with himself. Both his parents were busy taking care of the little girl, he felt more lonely now. Days passed, his mom started talking to him again but it was not how it used to be anymore. He had a very small world where the most important person stopped taking notice of him. The constant fear in environment and strictness in life left him with himself alone, he already broke inside but managed to live again as his mom started talking.

lonely soul

He kept observing the change, both his parents started singing for the new little girl and stopped coming to him. The boy had to shift to the corner of the bed while the little girl occupied his place between the parents. Since he didn’t knew how to express or speak out his thoughts and pain he kept everything to himself.

He somehow found a friend Kaundinya in his class, became best friends as they both were the only boys whom everybody bullied, but a day came when Krishna had to say good bye because the lion got transferred to a different place which was a usual thing and happened in every few years. He couldn’t bear the pain of leaving his best friend, he cried so badly that his throat stopped breathing normally and he ended hugging him when he told good friend the news. They both loved each other more than anything, exchanged mother’s numbers. On the last day he met his friend at his house behaved normally in front of parents but they both were crying from inside, while leaving the town the lion said his mother that Kaundinya didn’t have his father as he died in an accident long back. That made the Krishna depressed, reminded him of every single moment he spent with him and he prayed to the GOD, don’t ever give me a friend.

lonely soul

……… be continued!Coming Soon – (PART 2)

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