Kashmir Bleeds – INDIA

Kashmir Bleeds:

Anti-nationalists say kashmiris are bleeding (Kashmir Bleeds) for their independence, India says we are providing every single need for the citizens to stay home safely and co-operate until the militant disruption is eradicated in kashmir.

These people say army has taken control over the kashmiris and the government has cut down every domestic need, internet and mobile facilities. People starts questioning the government especially the pakistani sleeper cells in Indian territory.

  • Why is this thing even happening?
  • What India is trying to achieve?

Kashmir Bleeds

If we were to bleed the kashmiris, we could have left them on the open ground while the abrogation of 370 and 35a was being done, why impose restrictions? – to become independent you need to sacrifice something whether it be your lives or co-operating with the government until the issues are solved. So what is the pain when a good economic country like India is taking care of you and fighting for your rights and security? What is the problem in co-operating with the army till the things get normal. No one is trying to rob your lands or women or anything else, Indian Army is one of the most friendly, honest and lethal armies in the world unlike the pakistani army, where the PM comes India for peace talks and the army attacks kashmir (kargil war). India doesn’t infiltrate like these uncivilized and immoral morons.

Let’s come to the issue, I ask a very simple question. When did pakistan funded POK for it’s development? I mean development in a way that the normal citizens would benefit to become financially stable. But instead, development was encouraged in people to infiltrate Indian kashmir and throw stones on the Indian Army. I say it’s enough we just ran out of the patience, the dialogs and peace talks with Pakistan is a waste of time.

Now we took the charge and it is our game to play, you wanted to play this game internationally but ended up with an answer “solve bilaterally” from UNSC closed consultations. The whole history tells how pakistan developed militant camps and infiltrated INDIA to invade J&K for your own benefit, now look where you stand, right below the feet of Indian Army, crying for mercy infront of UN Human Rights.

Except two countries all the countries were against you in UN closed consultations, your government talks about diplomacy where as your army runs with militant camps. Having cancer in your country and blaming with the human rights on a diplomatic country like INDIA, doesn’t give you any sort of advantage.

Look what APG had to tell about your country “Pakistan is non-compliant in 32 of the 40 Compliance Parameters on Money Laundering & Terror Financing” and it ranked low in 10 of the 11 Effectiveness Parameters, Pakistan now has to focus on avoiding its entry into the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) Black List in October 2019. FATF will hold a Plenary meeting in Paris October 2019 to decide on Pakistan’s Grey list status. FATF added Pakistan on its Grey List in June 2018. The decision to put Pakistan on the blacklist was taken during the 41 member APG Plenary meeting that lasted for over 7 hours on two days in Canberra, Australia.

“If you think I missed few points, do mention in the comments section, I would like to talk about it. Jai Hind! Allah-ho-Akhbar! Crime and Terrorism doesn’t have a religion so kindly don’t relate to a race, religion, caste. It is a one man’s politics to create disruption and disturbance in a country’s economy or development” Kashmir Bleeds not because of INDIAN ARMY but bleeds always because of the militants but not this time.

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