Inauguration of the ‘Storey’ of Love | Chapter 14

Inauguration of the ‘Storey’

When you see only one path ahead, just follow it. Do you have an alternative? So traverse via the unknown and enlighten yourself…

Going through the turmoil, all she could do was to write a poem in order to cut the flow of the emotion. After she wrote it she sent it to him just for the satisfaction that he too could feel the depth of her emotion and love through her poem. She explained herself, “I am sure he wouldn’t understand that it was for him because he is so dumb that even if I tell him ‘I love you!’ he’d think it was in a friendly way and reply, ‘I love you too.’ (*facepalm*) So it won’t be a risk if I send him my poem.” Before starting she decided that this would be first and last love poem she’ll ever write. She was disgusted with her own self that she wanted to write a love poem, which she never did before, but it was essential to let the feeling out. So she did:

Never wrote a love poetry.

Always hated chemistry.

But now it’s newfangled,

And I feel muddled.

Here, me writing one,

Studying Body chemistry is fun.

Never wore heels or a dress,

Or applied cosmetics to impress.

Was told to maintain outfit,

Got offended & never did.

How ironical, now I do,

It feels good too.

Is it you or the medicine,

I take for my hormone?

I felt the growing feminine

In me, now it’s fully grown.

Should I jilt the pills or you?

Cuz I’m stifled by the fresh hue.

I’m outta control; Have gone crazy?

I’m not sure, May be.

Thoughts are intense but hazy,

At times they get creepy.

Now I wanna love you more,

And then I hate you to my core.

I did everything, everyone does

When in love, but is it it?

I longed for you, now I’m in fuss.

You did something petite.

You heard me, held me and understood,

Carved ‘The Cutie’ from ‘The female Robin Hood’.

That’s how I fell for you.

Now, everywhere, I feel you.

It’s not the place nor memories; it’s the connection.

We formed from unimportant long conversation.

I run around, scream and shout,

Hope to liberate from the dark bout.

I close my eyes, find the old me,

Dark, Hard, Cold and Fiery.

I open my eyes, ‘Alas! I’m free’.

Realize, You is what I feel, is what I see,

You don’t let me be what I used to be.

I freeze looking at The Beautiful Me.

 Article byCharitha Chouhan

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