I Dare You! Hope you’ve the answers

Marriage/Life Plans/Relationships/Goals:

  • How sure are you about your marriage or getting into a relationship??
  • What are you expecting from the girl/boy after the marriage/during the relationship??
  • How good are you at understanding the mantras you gonna say during marriage (Hindus)??
  • How sure are you about your relationship/ where do you see each other in a decade?
  • Have you ever thought of the worst hurdles that could end your relationship’s journey?? And what you gonna do about it?
  • How well are you at fulfilling responsibilities??
  • Are you marrying for SEX/BEAUTY/DOWRY??
  • Necessity with the partner, either it be his/her fame, job might not get you good life in the long run, are you even familiar with that??
  • What would you do if your partner gets decease like a cancer or paralysis something that you have live with it till the end??
  • Are you even ready for this or it’s just a necessity for your own good?
  • Women needs respect, trust and unconditional love. But the society and memes we make on them in social media calling bitch, whore, hundred dick suckers, not loyal, what are we even trying to give message – INSECURITIES to the loyal ones who love unconditionally but are fed with wrong opinions just because some random girl ditched your non-serious relationship?
  • Deep isn’t it? Breakup doesn’t exist, we created it to avoid problems instead of solving and building-up the relation.
  • Where is love?- You ask it when someone ditched you, what about that innocent girl who loved good enough but got replaced coz you needed a sexier one.
  • Toys = Girls? Why do you even think of replacing them? What if your mom was a replaced/used one? – Oh! is this hurting you? – or maybe you shouldn’t do that, which won’t arise such questions.

Enough with this? Or do you need more??

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