GoPro Hero 6 Black Edition

GoPro Hero 6 Black

GoPro Hero 6 Action Camera is one of the best camera you could ever buy. The size compared to a DSLR is very much less and can shoot 4K at 6030 FPS in wide angle and superview respectively. The camera touch screen is amazing feels like butter smooth. Let’s talk the reasons you should buy an Action Camera.

GoPro Hero 6

Pros (GoPro Hero 6):

  • Everybody has action in their life, Agree or not?? (eg: bike rides, tours etc)
  • Space it consumes in your backpack.
  • Durability.
  • Waterproof.
  • Mounting facilities (helmets, bikes what not)
  • Video Quality
    • 4K
      • 60 FPS (WIDE)
      • 30 FPS (WIDE & SUPERVIEW)
    • 2.7K
      • 120 FPS (WIDE)
  • Use Gimbal for cinematic footage.
  • GoPro Studio software (free) for color grading and correction.

Cons (GoPro Hero 6):

  • Can’t change lenses.
  • Can’t zoom onto something.

Not everyone with a DSLR can become a professional photographer or videographer but with an action camera you can work things out, live free, no worries about lenses to carry. Sometimes when you are on bike and it’s raining you have to stop at a corner to cover your phone from getting wet, when you had to care for just a phone what if a simple mistake ruins your 40k DSLR??

I’m a reckless guy, I hate caring things when on a tour or riding a bike or paragliding or scuba diving. I don’t want anything that’s gonna push me back, that’s why I had to choose Hero 6 over a Nikon D3300, you may raise a question that “GoPro can never replace a DSLR”, Yes it can’t but a simple color grading and correction makes the footage look more awesome than a mid-range costing DSLRs. I’m the happy owner of Hero 6 and it is really awesome!!

Reason for LOW Ratings:

The ratings are low in are because the price is high in India compared to, there is no other way you can get a GoPro better than Amazon since they are providing 2 years warranty (1 year GoPro warranty + Amazon additional One year warranty) which I think is good at that price, I checked out the prices in Hyderabad even they are charging the same prices. Get this product from a trusted company otherwise you are going to regret it.

You can click the above link to buy the product and it’s accessories. Why do you have to buy?? GoPro doesn’t have good audio quality like the Hero 4, both Hero 5 and 6 are bad with capturing the audio so you need an external setup. The complete budget to get a GoPro should be minimum of 40-45k. Is it worth the money?? Yes definitely…..

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