A Girl Worker In Supermarket

Girl Worker:

Today morning I went to supermarket get some grocery items, the lady at bill counter was taking a lot of time to scan and finalize the payment. Nobody asked her what was the matter or what actually the issue was.

  • Everyone started being rude – “Will you do this today??” “Why don’t you find another JOB” “Why are you at the counter when you don’t know how JOB is done??” and many things.
  • She replied with a smile – “SORRY Sir, Please give me sometime….Sorry for the inconvenience”,

the pain in her smile could be seen if people had the time to notice. I usually go there regularly and have never seen her this inactive and weak. The customers, after the billing was done, gave her bad feedbacks in machine. They were too busy planning what kind of feedback should be given than finding time to think why she was unable to bend and get polythene for the items they purchased. People were waiting her to ask for the feedback and when she did – “Sir Feedback”, “Beep!! (VERY BAD)”. Even though she had that perfect smile on her face. My turn came and that’s when

  • I asked her – “Can you please help me get 250 ml bottle as I couldn’t find one”
  • She said – “Please wait sir I will get the bottle” She went in to find out the big one, with her unstable walk and came back with her lovely smile. Meanwhile I saw the security guard come to her and give her some tablets. She took them, came back to the counter “Sir… 250 ml bottles aren’t available, Sorry (with the smile)”,
  • I said “Okay no problem, Please finalize the bill”. Gave her best feedback and returned.

girl worker

The whole point is no one actually observed what she was going through, people didn’t had time to observe anyone. Everybody was living in their own bubbles and comfort-zones with their phones or friends they came with, when their comfort was broke even by a slightest force of external agent they get annoyed. They don’t care other’s state, situation, environment they are living in other than being RUDE. The lady was above all of them!! Her love towards work she was doing and MOST OF ALL her “SMILE” was wonderful.

I think people should spend more time on taking care of each other’s feelings, emotions and life, not for judging & gossiping but for making them feel they aren’t alone. LOVE people, I know we are busy with our material life but your mother didn’t teach you to hate or judge others, she always taught and wanted you to be good to society and people, didn’t she??

Animals fight severely (Discovery Channel), but have you ever noticed them leave their herds?? When animals aren’t feeling grudges, irritations and anger on one another, What happened to humans who have intellectual abilities?? You should love and be loved by everyone! Your mom taught you good but you taught yourself Rudeness and Attitude, didn’t you?? Because you always want to show off yourself strong in your herd. Animals don’t have leaders in their herds, it’s only humans who elect leaders and put them in-charge to lead them. You are leader of your own life but you still try choose a leader to lead you. JUST THINK!!

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