Electrical Circuits/ Network Theory/ Basics of Circuits

The most important topics in network theory/ Electrical circuits are DC and AC steady states, this is where 80% of the problems come from and is the best area to score. Here are the few questions of the examination’s taste, hope you like them.

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  • Questions related to GATE/RRB-JE/PSUs and other engineering exams.
  • 10 Minutes time limit.
  • Basic circuit questions.
  • Primary level.
1. The hot resistance of the filament of a bulb is higher than the cold resistance because the temperature co-efficient of the filament is:
2. The flow of electric current in a conductor is due to the flow of:
3. For a fixed supply voltage the current flowing through a conductor will increase when it's

4. Three parallel resistive branches are connected across a DC supply. What will be the ratio of the branch currents I1:I2:I3, if the branch resistances are in the ratio R1:R2:R3 :: 2:4:6
5. What happens to the resistance of a conductor if it's length is increased three times and diameter is halved?
6. A 12V automobile light is rated at 30W. The total charge that flows through the filament is one minute is:
7. The condition for the validity of Ohm's law is that the
8. An electric current is the:
9. If the length of a wire of resistance R is uniformly stretched to n times it's original value, it's new resistance is:
10. A drawn wire of resistance 5Ω is further drawn so that it's diameter becomes one-fifth of the original. What is the resistance with volume remaining the same?

Electrical Circuits

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