SEO Tools Guide

A Proper Guide for SEO Tools:

We present you the all in one solution package for SEO Optimization for your website. This package has 8 e-books which has complete information about SEO Tools and Guide:

  • Search engine optimization
  • Keyword Researching
  • Selection of keyword
  • Different types of keyword planners online (Free/Paid)
  • Type of content
  • Page speed optimization
  • Ranking
  • Google search console

These are the main challenges faced by the bloggers, digital marketers at the start. If figured out once, there is nothing else to be taken care other than the site’s content.

Keep these things in mind! there are no shortcuts for success, the only way is to getting things done in a smart and optimistic way. Hope you are familiar with the topics which I provided above, these things serve as a major ground break for the young and new bloggers. Click HERE (for 0.30$ Discount)

Devil Science’s Advice:

  • Never to trust on SEO and Page ranking tools online that say “Rank your website in 30 minutes” or any of those softwares. Because ranking a page takes a hell lot of time, dedication and patience. Usually the time taken to get ranked is between 14 days to 3 months.
  • These are the factors that decide page ranks, don’t bother if I miss one or two which I’m sure is mentioned in the above e-booklet.
    1. Page speed (minifying javascript, css, html to load faster and many other things).
    2. Content.
    3. Proper keyword and using it in the content regularly.
    4. Readability
    5. Allowing different search engine’s page crawlers to index the page.
    6. Editing images with alt attributes and linking them to your site.
  • Most of the people use WordPress, and in WordPress there are tons of tricks to get page ranked, due to the vast number of utilities (plugins) it provides that reduces client’s burden.
  • Once I’ve got trolled by a senior for using WordPress theme and plugins for my websites, because in his point of view “I didn’t build the website myself”, later I applied a e-commerce theme and started selling my engineering projects, but the senior was still building his site, which never launched. So say f#@k what people have to say to you, do what your instincts tells you.