Depression Outcomes | Mind vs Heart

The Depression Outcomes

Mind  ‘What if I was alone and depressed for a week?’

Heart – ‘I should hangout with someone’
Mind – “No! It’s not gonna work!”
Who’s word would you mark as a solution??
I say that you shouldn’t just go without planning, instead you should actually find a right environment to think and come to the solution. Otherwise either of two things would likely happen! Either you would completely forget yourself or you’ll struggle terribly with people you hastened to spend time with which would drag you to further depression. It’s actually great and amazing if you find the good ones to talk to and share your sentiments, if spending the same time with others who actually came to have fun and aren’t very much worried about you and how you are doing, makes you more disturbed and leads to depression!.
Forces like irritation, anger, ego break the great wall of your PATIENCE and shows off the BADASS thoughts it holds. You haven’t been with them for long enough, so you don’t know their thought process and if you still expect from them which won’t make any sense, RIGHT??. Even if it’s a toughest problem or phase it’s better to give it time to discover a solution rather than discussing it with such people and making it harder for you.
What happens is that – instead of getting to a solution you end up being judged and made fun behind your back. This would make you more depressed, So keep in mind that even if you are weak, lonely or you have been getting sucidal thoughts you should actually keep it to yourself until and unless you find a perfect shoulder to make it your buttress.

Best Solution Sometimes:

Don’t share your problems very oftenly to anyone, they get bored soon. At beginning everything seems nice and understanding which later becomes routine for them. At some point you’ll get to hear “You are overreacting”, “You are a coward you can’t face life”, “You exaggerate things too much”.
Whenever you share they deride. The little disappointing impression of you becomes significant than your grief and finding solution for it. That’s how you land up being in much messier situation that you were already in. Don’t bother my friend you will find a perfect shoulder to lean on, a perfect ear to cry. If not a perfect one, will be a good one. Trust me!
Life is a perfect balance. If it has put you in bigger problems it’ll help you find worthier people on the way of finding the key to the unfolded secret behind the wall of hardship and pain.
“You can also write us your story – [email protected] we love to support, because you aren’t the only one that’s suffering, We are with you. I don’t know whether we can solve the problem or not but let’s suffer together if it really is too much for either of us to handle it alone!”

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