Chapter 9: Journey to the North-East

“To enjoy the ultimate happiness of a thrill, we must dare enough to take up risks”

Arita had a great trip that ended with an adventure. She decided to write a travelogue on it in her diary that she had been writing since her childhood.

Hi! It’s been a week since I spoke to you I have to tell you about my trip. So here it goes.

It all started with a risky choice of lying to my parents about my trip. I had planned to go for a solo trip to Gangtok which was a 10 days trip and I had to tell my parents that it was a college trip to Mussoorie. I couldn’t have had told them it was Gangtok because I was afraid that my dad will say a big ‘NO’ to it. So I had to create another detailed sham plan for Mussoorie just to dodge a bullet in the nearer future. It was irritating but necessary. I had planned my trip for over two years and couldn’t let it get ruined by any means. My train was on a Sunday morning but I told them that we had to catch the train on Saturday evening where we’ll be taken by a bus arranged by the college, which we would need to board in the afternoon. This option to lie was necessary because if I told that the train was on Sunday it was conventional that my dad would come to drop me to the bus and from where was I supposed to arrange that? Moreover, I had to tell that I was supposed to board in the noon because he would be in office and he’s very lazy to step out of office in the hot summer noon. Thus definitely he would ask my mom to drop me to the bus and I would manipulate her saying, “Di is there right, why you take the trouble. Don’t worry I’ll be fine.” I did as planned but was afraid of it getting failed and me being in a huge mess but at the end, it worked. It was a risk worth taking. I planned to stay back at my sister’s hostel that night which was at 1.5 Km distance from the station. Before going to her hostel I met Hema. Then my journey started. I took a bus to the station from where I had to take another bus after a little bit of walking through the putrid road there, on top of that it was raining and it became more horrible for even imagining walking, not to mention I had one trolley and a backpack to carry and I seriously didn’t want to make my trolley filthy. So I decided to reserve an auto. It was 9 P.M when I got into an auto and within ten minutes I reached the hostel gate but since it was under construction he left me outside the gate from where I had to walk. As I got down I paid the bill and was trying to push the handle of my trolley down as it came out too up and walla! It broke. Luckily one side was still in one piece. I knew my sister’s hostel pretty well; there was a stationery shop nearby so decided to get a cello tape, a pair of scissors and a fevi-kwik to fix the nuisance. Then the annoying part began. I was supposed to stay at my sister’s friend’s room unfortunately about which I had no idea, where it was neither my sister did. A friend of hers, who knew wasn’t lifting the call. I decided to get inside the hostel first and then do whatever to trail for the room. I knew my sister’s friends well and that the room was on the 4th floor.

Journey to the North-East

So I climbed up along with my luggage kept them at the side and started searching for any friend of hers who knew about the room. Luckily I found the room. I got in and the first thing I did was to fix the mess of my trolley, freshened up after it got partially fixed. It wasn’t going inside completely due to the extra width it got because of the tape. I thought I’d manage. Finally went to bed as early as possible because I had to get up early. When I was about to sleep it started raining heavily. It gave me the feeling, “Is it an indication that I shouldn’t go?” I got anxious for a minute but pushed the thoughts aside, “No. It can’t be, even if it is I don’t care. I have decided and I’m doing it no matter what.” I blustered at Krishna, “You wanna scare me. Do whatever you want. I’m going on my trip even if something is to happen to me, alright. Get that straight.”, then prayed, “Oh please make it stop.” Thought to myself that hopefully by morning it’ll stop and that’s when my sister called as she too was worried but I bawled out at her saying that it’ll be fine and I’ll be going at any circumstance. Finally got some sleep and woke up as planned. In the morning I just spunge bathed as the water was cold and there was no source for hot water. I reached the station on time, got onto the train as soon as it arrived but got into the wrong compartment. Since the people around were talking about getting into the wrong compartment I asked them about the number of the couch I was in. There was this guy who asked me if I was travelling alone and I refused to answer. He helped me get into the right compartment even though I ignored him. Basically, he had a friend of his who was travelling along with his wife and she had a fever. They didn’t have a confirmed ticket so they wanted me to share my seat with them and let them sit. They were travelling up to Guwahati and my stop was at New Jalpaiguri. I wasn’t sure about it at first but reluctantly I accepted their proposal but dubious thoughts rose in my mind against them. The whole day i.e Sunday I didn’t quite open up to them as I wasn’t sure how genuine people they were. The next morning when I got up I didn’t see them on the seat and I freeze thinking ‘Did they run away at night?’ or ‘Did police catch them?’ ‘Where were they?’ and most importantly, who were they?

 Article by Charitha Chouhanh

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