Chapter 8: Affixing Walkways

Affixing Walkways

“Not every road is planned…Like the untraveled roads through deep forests

As she recalled that event she opened her eyes in a flash. The memories were so prominent that she could see the whole incident reoccur while she lied on her bed with eyes closed. As much as the memory was prominent so was the pain. Everything was so clear now. She tried to feel good that he shared his secret with her yet she couldn’t feel any happiness. She decided that she should figure out the reason soon or else she would never be able to get rid of the damn pain. Was she jealous of Divya as her close friend was always bothered about her and not her or was it that he was wasting his time on something so unimportant? Probably she was jealous. Arita had a great history of being over-possessive about her friends and that’s how she had lost her best friend in the past. But was the same case this time too? If that was the case then she should be careful of doing anything stupid or hurting anybody, she thought. The night passed by with the help of good music. After a long brainstorming session at the washroom; the place where she did such sessions occasionally; came to a decision that she would let time decide what was happening and that she wouldn’t waste any more energy on this crap. Amar was her friend and she will do everything just like friends do for friends. No more room for confusions and illusions. Soon she became too much pre-occupied with studies, mids and semester-end exams. Amar and Arita texted as usual, with lengthy text that was random. They wished good luck, shared their day’s and exam’s report regularly and consoled each other when the report seemed bad. The exam went by and it was time for vacation. Arita had already planned her vacation for that summer 2 years back and everything was planned and ready. She had told about it to Amar and Anand, but she didn’t mention about one thing to Amar but did to Anand which was that she was going on a solo vacation to Gangtok and that her parents knew that she was going for a trip with her friends organized by the college. When Amar got to know about it he was perturbed. She got lectures from Anand in messenger but she knew what she was doing and she was determined about it. She knew Amar would support her and he did. When he seemed very worried she explained to him why she likes solo trips and why she was taking such a risk of going to such a far off place.

Affixing Walkways

She told him that she loved snowy and cold places and that she wanted to experience how it was to live by her own, handle people, stuff, manage money and take care of own self. She also explained to him that she had grown enough and it was time for her to face the world without her parents’ help and that such journeys would give her the confidence that she has grown up, anyhow she has to do it sooner or later, why not begin right away. She convinced him that everything was safe and that her sister knew everything about it and that she would keep him informed about her every moment during her journey. She was very happy when he was completely convinced because somehow his consent for such a big step had become necessary to her. It wasn’t like she would back off if he wouldn’t get convinced but when he said that, “Maybe you are right. Whatever you do I am with you, just want you to come back safe and sound.” This one dialogue from him got her enthusiasm to the next level. She was so excited and packed up her stuff for the trip according to her list she had made a week back. She finally set out for her journey in the month of May. Though Arita forgot to keep her word, Amar occasionally called up to put a check on her safety. The trip was for four days and three nights. One day when Arita was very tired of her journey and had slept for so long that she couldn’t have her dinner as when she woke up, the dinner time was over. The hotel she booked in Gangtok closed their kitchen by 9 P.M, it was a budget hotel but was worth the cost she paid. In fact, the whole city of Gangtok did shut down by 9 P.M except a few restaurants or pubs and nightclubs. She was tired and had caught a cold due to staying in snowfall and she had vomited on the way back. She was tired and sick, so she decided to continue sleeping. At midnight she got a call from Amar. They hadn’t spoken that whole day. Amar was determined to talk even though Arita was very sleepy and told him, but she wasn’t able to reject his wish, finally, she gave up and they spoke for an hour or so. She told him all about her day. He sang a song for her. The night couldn’t have ended better.

 Article by Charitha Chouhanh

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