Chapter 5: Framing


Isolation doesn’t only define separation if perceived the other way it defines ‘Bonding’

Months passed by with lots of conversations, practice sessions, events, and competitions. As the year grew their bond grew too. Arita became very fond of Amar. It was two months since she joined that club. Then there came an end to the adventures in her life. The club had to get shut due to improper administration and internal discord. She planned to do many exciting things with and for the club, but her dreams shattered in a moment when they got the news that the club would shut down. She tried to make things right by talking to Anand and Rohan but it didn’t work out. Anand and Rohan had a lengthy argument over an administrative issue which led to a verbal fight, then they decided to drift apart from the partnership and that’s how the club came to an end along with Arita’s dream world of adventures. It was at the end of the month of October when this tragedy happened. It seemed like everything in her life was falling apart. Nothing was happening like the way she had imagined it to. Among all the bad there was something good, Anand had become a good friend of Arita. There was another guy named Rishab who too was friendly. So, Arita, Amar, Anand, and Rishab started hanging out together for lunch and other fun activities. Arita really loved spending time with them and she herself couldn’t believe that she actually made good friends with guys. These people were not like the other guys. They were that 1% of boys she could be with and have fun with. Soon they had become close friends. They spent a lot of time together. Shared dirty and double standard jokes. ‘They are just like coke in my life’, she mused. That was because she loved drinking coca-cola and she didn’t know why, but she got addicted to these three just like to coca-cola. At least once, in every discussion of their’s, they used to mock and mimic Rohan and made jokes on him. All the three were so much against Rohan that they felt good doing it. Arita, personally never liked him because he indeed was irritating. She felt bad for Rohan but never objected these people from acting that way, behind the back of Rohan because she could understand their frustration with Rohan, as she too had been through it once.


They had a magical bonding with each other that happened in moments. When they were together, they had a complete alienated world; full of fun, sarcasm, and philosophy. It reminded her of her school friends and her memories in high school. She felt lucky to relive those moments with new faces. They had become like her third family because the second was her high school friends. She felt very special and fortunate to have them as her friends; she didn’t know how to thank them for being in her life. As soon as she realized how happy her life was she feared for the fact of life; the fact that life is a circle with a perimeter that is made of two half lengths; one that measures happiness and the other that measures sadness. When the maximum length of either is reached the second measure begins. Since she was this happy, she was wary of the subsequent events. Would they leave her, forget her and act like strangers after a few days? Her thoughts made her anxious about the future and insecure about her new friends. She tried to stabilize her fun bound mind and started keeping a distance from them. She wanted to experiment that if she starts spending lesser time with them and say no to hangout plans, ‘Will they still remain her friends?’, ‘Will they still share secrets with her?’, ‘Will they still remain as close as they were then?’ Or ‘Will they abandon her?’ like it happened with her in the past. Future of friendship was uncertain and the present became insecure. She did as decided, tried to involve in her science project fair and kind of cut off with these three. She got busy eventually. Yet everything between her and her friends was fine. The texting between her and Amar reduced because she was too busy and tired to text after the college hours, however mornings they used to text. The usual morning wishes and about how things were going with each other. She felt good about it yet her fears were constant and refused to leave her mind. She didn’t know why she had these weird fears but all she wanted was to get to the point where she would find the answer for ‘How would the end be and what was she so scared of?’. The instinct was like excess love potion; uncontrollably stirred and pleasantly noxious.

 Article by Charitha Chouhan

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