Chapter 4: Deep Foundation

Deep Foundation

Sometimes craps build a legacy. Even rocks and wood helps build a deep foundation

The Sunday arrived when the practice session was supposed to take place. Few came and few didn’t. The session went well. Arita bonded with everyone quite comfortably. She made friends with a few girls there and one of them dropped her till the bus stop from where she had to take the bus to her hostel. On the way back she took a burger for dinner so that she hadn’t had to have the rotten hostel food. It wasn’t rotten in the literal sense but that’s what Arita called it. She came back, watched a movie while having dinner, after all, it was a weekend night. She slept late. Next day was a Monday, “what a pain” she sighed while on the bed. The day started as usual; getting up on time, brushing, breakfast, queue in the washroom and rest of the daily morning struggles of a hosteler. Along with all the usual, there was something unusual which was texting Amar. After two days they got the information that the event could get canceled due to bad weather predictions. They were hoping that they could make it, but the weather wasn’t on their side. Finally, the event got canceled. However there was another upcoming event of Rappelling Competition, but it had few weeks to go. Arita had got depressed but after knowing about the Rappelling event she felt better, yet she was scared that it too would get canceled like the previous one. Her fear was just like the one, a girl has who gets into a relationship after her first breakup. That’s what she thought and consoled herself that it’s all karma. “Whether I get to do it or not, I’ll work for it. That way I’ll be prepared and learn something new”, she explained herself. The Sunday passed by as usual but she felt it very boring as that’s not how she had planned it to be so she was upset. Later that evening, while texting Amar, she shared her feelings with him and he comforted her. He made silly jokes, chatted on very random things and they laughed. She didn’t realize that she was no more upset. Soon it was the time to say goodnight.

Deep Foundation

morning they started texting where they planned to meet up at the gym after the college hours. They had to practice and keep themselves fit for the upcoming event which was quite an extreme activity and Arita was very lazy. She agreed thinking if she has a partner to do it with; she’ll not feel bored or lethargic besides Amar was a good company. She didn’t have a second thought before she agreed. They met as planned, worked out together, helped each other when the workout was getting heavy. They had a fun and productive time together. Arita kept a track of time so that she doesn’t get late. When she realized it was late she hurried to leave. He too was a hosteler so they walked together until their ways parted. Their texts were getting almost regular and long. Not just that, it continued till night and started in the day before college hours. She wasn’t that much into WhatsApp but now she was always on it. Arita always stayed professional and on guard with guys because she presumed guys to be egoistic which was particular to girls which she called as male ego. All they acted was as if they could do anything and were very strong and intelligent whereas the truth was they were immature and insensitive. This belief evolved in her because that’s how her father was and she noticed 99% boys and men to be like that. Hardly few were considerate and sensible or mature as a matter of fact. This was why she hated guys and always showed her arrogant and dominant nature to them. Not only the boys in her class but all the ones in her batch had a picture about her that she was very arrogant and stubborn. They always stayed away from her because they knew that her wrath would be upon them if they annoyed her. But with Amar it was different. He started sharing his feelings, thoughts, opinions and life stories which were interesting for her and she responded by sharing hers, not completely though because she always had been a secretive person. The connection was growing strong and she didn’t even realize that she was lowering her guards against Amar.

 Article by Charitha Chouhan

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