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Unexpected mismatches are like tonic in gin

The sunshine brushed her cheeks and kissed her on her eyelids. It felt warm and comforting. She opened her eyes and was sentient. It was a beautiful winter morning with birds chirping which she could hear from her room window. The atmosphere was delightful and calm. She could feel the pep in it. After a few moments of consciousness, she went online only to find a text “Goodnight. Sweet Dreams” message from Amar, to which she replied “Good morning”. There came an instant reply, “Good morning”. In the previous night texts, they spoke about when they generally go to bed; he had said that he was ‘Nocturnal’. She teased him by text saying, “What are you doing? Did you sleep? (Face with tongue sticking out)”. He replied, “Yup I did sleep (face with tears of joy) I was just using Facebook.” Then the texts went on and on. It was time for college. They both had to get ready so they ended the chain of exchange of words and did their morning works. The club had planned another event which was Rock climbing. Practicing was necessary for that as there were few who never did it before, including Arita. She was stirred by the thought of it. They all met after two days, as theory classes were conducted. There she got to know Amar in person. That one moment of realization made her perturbed because till then, she had imagined some other guy to be Amar, who was Vivaan. Vivaan was a handsome guy with a gift of charming girls. He was the jock, but Amar was completely different. He was a nerdy looking guy, with dark, smooth long hair, a spectacle, light beard, and little mustache. She disapproved guys with long hair but now she had to bear with this guy. It wasn’t like she disliked him; that was because of the texts they shared but yet she had a completely different image of Amar, in her mind, which she made from past two days and it completely shattered in two seconds. Isn’t that horrible? Is it? Maybe; maybe not. Sometimes mismatches happen in our lives, but are they bad? Maybe; maybe not. If you have watched the movie Crash you know how odds bring the fascinating evens in our lives. Sometimes these mismatches are like those crashes.


She felt strange all of a sudden when she realized who Amar was. She put up a database search in her mind and recollected, “I know this guy. I have seen him before. I have seen him at my college. Oh my god!” She felt her tummy tickle and she chuckled slowly but couldn’t hide it from the people around and she had to force herself to stop. He was the guy from her college and was her senior. They came across once or twice in college before. ‘How forgetful of me’ she complained herself. ‘But it’s not like he remembers me either. Why should I worry about forgetting him?’, she comforted herself. She wondered how come he texted so much? It was as if the guy she texted was completely somebody else from the guy she was seeing right then. That was because from the previous encounters, as far as she could remember, he neither was talking much nor did he smile. He was a socially awkward persona but was so free-spirited while texting. She was getting curious and was going all agog to understand him and so she started studying his expressions, opinions, and gestures. It seemed like a psychiatric session for her. When the theory class started, it overtook her attention. Now she was slowly getting to know the people in the club and their identities. After the class, Arita left for her hostel in hurry. On the way back she made the analysis. She knew she had a subconscious feeling that guys with long hair were psychos or weirdoes. ‘Is he a psycho? Definitely not!’ she thought to herself and giggled at her thought. Till she reached, her mind was preoccupied with the thoughts of Amar; their earlier glances at college and tried to recall their first interaction for a workshop, which was a brief one. That evening too they texted quite till late at night. As she closed her eyes, she couldn’t fall asleep. Thoughts of the trips, the new club, new people and Amar didn’t let her sleep. She wasn’t disturbed yet she was restless. She mused, “God! Why can’t I sleep? I’m not in love. Am I?” That’s when she realized that she hadn’t fed Amar’s number in her phone. She immediately did it and dozed off while listening to music.

 Article by Charitha Chouhan

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