Chapter 13: Final Walkthrough

If Life was an adventure trip, Love would be the thrill, not the goal…

Arita somehow stayed up till noon and then she took a nap. When she woke up it was evening 7 and she started feeling upset. It was a Sunday and the next day she had to leave for the hostel. She was in complete despair. First, she had to leave home and go and second, even after he left she could still feel him at her home. Leaving the house gave her a notion of separation from Amar. She was cringing and felt the woe at the same time. After that, another seven months passed and she focused on her studies as her semester end exams started. It was in the vacation when she came back home. She had a family trip before which she went for a movie with him. Then there was her internship which was from morning till noon after that she used to spend the rest of her time roaming and meeting up friends and going to places, as at home she had told that internship timing was till the evening. During vacation, Amar and Arita went out for an event. There she burnt with jealousy when his friend, for whose performance they went, hugged him for long and when she saw him getting concerned for her. His friend was drunk but Arita couldn’t think of anything logical; her hands were cold, ears were hot and her face was green with envy seeing him around her. She felt the blood moving through her body and her heart rate went low. She could feel a pinch in her ventricles. Later she felt bad about the way she thought when he eventually came back to her as his friend settled down.  The music was too loud so whenever they had to talk, they had to shout the words into the ear by putting the mouth very close to the ear and every time they did it, their lips touched the cheek and earlobe of the other. They had sweet moments yet there was soreness out of jealousy and parting. Their moments were rejoiced even by nature; it was raining when it wasn’t supposed to. Arita assumed it to be so and laughed at her own thought, but seeing the rain she felt like drenching in it and crying out loud to relieve her pain. As much as she hated getting wet in rain, she wanted to do it.

It was now that she was in her final year and college began. It was during this period when her desperation, anguish, and feelings reached its peaks and she was forced to accept that she fell for this guy and that she was in love. She cried and was dreary over her defeat in the hands of love, for a month but acceptance was a wise thing to do. She had to break the virtual ego that she had put up against Amar which was, “He is a guy and I don’t do stupid stuff for guys.” She was in a state where neither her mind knew what to do or how to get over it. She was always the one to advise her friends and she always had told them that, “Whenever there is an issue where the heart is involved always be rational in making a decision.” Here she was in a situation where she couldn’t follow her own advice as her mind was blank and her heart was overwhelming with love for Amar. She contemplated, “Am I really in love or is it just an illusion since I am his close friend or infatuation?” She knew the answer somehow but she wished if someone could hold her hand and take her out of this dilemma. She felt so dejected that she cried and told Hema and her sister that she was in love with Amar and wasn’t able to get over the feeling. The more she tried to cut it out, the deeper she fell into it. She desired that she could shout it out to the world “I love him so much that if I hold it back anymore I will drown into it and die.”, and continue to do it till Amar heard it.

Dear readers, what do you think was it? Arita somehow thinks she was in love with Amar but was she? If it wasn’t love, then what was it? Have you been in such a situation before? What would you suggest Arita should do if she was your friend or what would you do if you were in Arita’s shoes?

 Article byCharitha Chouhan

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