Chapter 10: Neverending ‘Adventures’

Are adventures all about getting into risky situations? Or is there more to it? I guess there is; finding the way out of it.”

Snapping out of my thoughts, the first thing that I did was to check my luggage and I sighed in relief when I found them just in their place, safe, sound and untouched. Just after that, I saw them coming while they were brushing their teeth. I couldn’t stop from laughing at how I suspected them to be….. well, what not. Eventually, we became friends. My journey was of 36 hours and I was supposed to reach my stop by Monday at 9:00 p.m. I had booked a hotel for Monday night in Siliguri which was about 45Km from NJP station. Since I had to take a bus from Siliguri to Gangtok, it wouldn’t be safe to travel at that hour. Luckily I did book a hotel; the train was very late and I reached my stop at midnight at 2:00 a.m. on Tuesday. I was worried that how would I travel to my hotel but as I approached the station exit terminal, I saw a signboard for hiring taxis and there were many taxis waiting. I hired one and the guy was really good. On the way, I asked him where the bus terminal was from where I was supposed to take the bus to Gangtok that I booked for that morning. I reached the hotel at 3:30 a.m. After checking in I texted Amar as he was awake and had asked if I had reached my hotel or not and then I freshened up. It was my first time that I took bath at 4 a.m. in the morning and I felt good doing that since I was stinking due to the summer sleeper class journey. I swore to myself that never again in my life I’ll book a sleeper class in a summer season. At around 4:30 a.m I went to bed and kept an alarm for morning 7:30 as my bus was at 8:30. I got up as planned and got a call at 8:00 a.m that the bus was at the bus station, I was half ready by then and it was raining outside. I asked at the reception if they could arrange for some transport to the bus terminal but they informed me that it wouldn’t be possible as all the vans were already in service. So I had to carry my luggage in the rain and finally hired a rickshaw till the bus station. Reached there on time and I settled myself down. My heart was flushing with great joy, enthusiasm, and thrill; I could hear my heart talk out loud. The weather was amazing and I had created a playlist to listen to, long back for this bus journey, I couldn’t wait for the bus to start any longer. Finally, it did, with it started my songs. It acted as titillation for me, I felt so aroused that I thought I was going through an orgasm. Could life get any better? “Hell no, it can’t”. The journey from Siliguri to Gangtok was very petite especially due to the weather, the experience was something one should undergo to have to understand; cannot be explained in words. On the way, I got a call from Amar but the signal was going off so I told him that I would call him after reaching my hotel. Soon I reached the bus stop from where I took a taxi, on sharing basis with another old couple, to my hotel. The driver was very friendly and cute, initially, it was difficult to find my hotel but the hotel management helped us find the way. I got a ‘Surprised’ welcome by the owner of the hotel who was at the reception as I was travelling alone. The days went by as planned. I had my anxieties of my plan getting flopped; especially the Nathula pass trip due to the weather but it got salvaged. When I returned from my Nathula pass trip I felt little uneasy so I slept as soon as I got back. I had vomited on the way back. I woke up hungry and sick; I had caught a cold. I woke up, had chips and then went back to bed. At midnight Amar called me. All of a sudden I felt warmer and better as I spoke to him. Then he sang to me. I didn’t want him to stop talking. His concern and voice was acting as a hot pad for me and I felt better but I was sleepy too, also had another fun activity to do the next day so had to let his words fade with a good night.

Neverending Adventures

The next day was the day for flying! I went for paragliding and it was freaking awesome. Soon it was time to leave which I never wanted, I was in heaven and the four days in Gangtok were my best days of life where I did new things, met new people and experienced soul-stirring events. I had bought gifts for my sister, Hema, Amar and Anand. The adventure was not over yet. I had to take a bus from Gangtok to Siliguri which I had already booked and was at 5:00 a.m in the morning but since it was raining I had to miss it. I contacted one of the drivers I knew from my first day local sightseeing trip. He couldn’t come but sent his friend to drop me to the bus stop. From there I booked a jeep on sharing basis and it was 8:00 a.m already. It was a four hours journey to Siliguri from where I had to reach NJP station and my train was at 2:00 p.m. I reached Siliguri at around 12:30 p.m from there, on asking local people, I got to know that I could take a sharing auto to the station which would cost me 20 bucks and so I did. I reached the station by 1:25 p.m and there I first had my breakfast. I was dying out of hunger. Then went in to check my train and it was late. On the way back I had a break journey. One from NJP to Vijayawada and then from Vijayawada to Secunderabad. My former train was delayed by half an hour and I missed my later, in which I had booked AC 2nd class. Fate can hit you hard sometimes, can’t it? It has got all right to fuck us as it pleases. Then I took a general ticket for the train that was about to leave for Secunderabad, not knowing how a general compartment ticket works or what general compartment was. I thought it was one like the local trains in Hyderabad, wasn’t I too cute? Or was I too innocent that I could beat a six-year-old in dumbness? Humph. So there I was tired of running for the train that was about to leave the platform and I still didn’t know where the general compartment was. There was a constant thought running on my mind, “I have to travel in this crowded dirty compartment when I booked AC 2nd class to travel back in luxury”. So I let the train go. It was 2:00 a.m midnight and there was me standing with my luggage at the station without a clue what to do. Then I thought to myself that I just need to find a train going to Hyderabad and that I won’t give up yet. Then there was the Duronto express running from Vijayawada to Secunderabad that was on the other platform. I asked a vendor there that if I could travel using my general ticket on that train since I missed my train. He asked me to ask the TT and I did. Luckily one A1 compartment in that train had few vacancies and they told that they could arrange one for me but I had to pay the complete amount. I had Rs.300 hundred short than the amount of the ticket. The TT just took Rs. 1200 but didn’t give me the ticket and I was too tired and sleepy to think about it. He helped me settle down and I got my seat, I spread my bed sheet covered myself with the blanket and finally put my precious body onto the cosy couch. I texted my sister and informed her to get extra 300 for me which I never paid. My sister came to pick me up in the morning and I kissed my adventure goodbye……

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