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“The Base”

“Love has a base called Instinct and every journey begins with an Instinct!”

After the meeting was done, it was informed that there would be an upcoming trek but the place and date wasn’t decided yet. They read out a list of places for polling. Few places were local and few were outstation destinations. Arita informed them that she could come to any place which is among the local sights; outstation would be difficult for her. When asked why, she replied, “I have no problem going outstation except that right now, I don’t have that much of pocket money.” She was questioned again that why doesn’t she ask her parents. She just said, “I generally don’t ask my parents for money for such stuff. I try to manage with my pocket money.” Rohan interrupted saying, “Mostly it’ll be somewhere nearby so don’t worry.” It was a huge relief for Arita because the problem was not the money; the truth was she had a fear. Fear of her dad. He would have never let her go for such an event. She couldn’t have told that to her colleagues, who she knew only for two hours; it was against her principles. Then the contact numbers and email ids of the new members were collected. The second she left the room, she was eagerly waiting for the message about the trek. She decided to buy a new track shoe but was disappointed by the price. It was far-off her budget. So she decided to manage with the old pair.


The group was created in WhatsApp and information was announced that the trek was on that weekend. Arita was excited about it. She informed her mother and was prepared with a fake event to tell her dad, for when he gets an absentee message from the college. She finally set her foot for the trek. The first event was successful. She was very happy and returned to the hostel in the evening. After she freshened up, she went online. She got a message from a number which wasn’t in her contacts, “Hey wassup. Overall it was really good.” As usual, her guards went high and with caution, trying not to sound rude she replied, “Hi. Sorry but whose this?” Arita had good experience texting strangers in messenger and other social networks and she was good at handling worst kind of people who got her number. This time it felt different, though her guards were high she was very excited about the text, as somewhere she knew it was someone from the club. The reply came from the other side “Amar” along with a grinning face with smiling eyes smiley. She thought of tallying out his number in the WhatsApp group but then she didn’t feel it was necessary, didn’t save his number at the beginning thought anyhow they wouldn’t be texting after few days, or maybe from the next day itself.

Generally so happens is people text for one day when new in a group or something, as a formality and later it becomes ‘only work’ texts, which are not often. Anyhow she always maintained a formal relationship with guys and wasn’t sure how useful this guy would be, so she didn’t save his number. She replied to him back, “Yeah it was amazing. Except for my old shoes which had lesser grip and I was afraid of rolling down like a ball when we were trekking the inclined place there.” They both laughed. Then he told that he was glad that it was very successful. Someone had shot the video of the whole trek and Arita asked him about it, he informed her that it was put up in the group and that she could download it from there and she did. That evening they were texting till 11 O’clock or so; talking about food and random stuff. She didn’t realize how late it had got. When she did, she said ‘Goodnight’ and slept. She felt transfixed by the fact that it didn’t feel like they had texted for the first time.

 Article by Charitha Chouhan

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