Human Nature

Human Nature and Feelings

I completely get it I’m ONE of you the human nature and every shit I get it, I experienced the worst nightmares and the best memories in life. People cause problems, People fill pain but then what is family does that to you??

You would die with the feeling of loneliness….You become introvert and less confident than others. The motivation which you have to build up yourself and thrive for your own success because you have noone not even your family.

People with great family support could think that this situation is silly and there exist no such thing called family enemies, But answer this – In this world of many traditions, castes, religions, behaviors, attitudes and every fucking constraints that effect human’s feelings and behavior thereby effecting the other person with or without their notice.

For example – Grandfather was in military he was rude to his son all the time, his environment was strict and tight. This son is successful now with a monthly salary of 2000$, after his marriage he treats his son the same way and decides to put him in every situation of embarrassment. His son was in a different generation where his friend’s fathers come to the park play with him and help them socialize.

He burnt inside every time, he never put that out. One day a faculty member calls his parents saying your son failed in the subject and he isn’t worth your investment in engineering.

The boy had to pass through that tough day, his face turned blue with the blood scars on his hands. He comes to the college next day walks up to the 5th floor of the university’s building and jumps off…….

The dad cried that day!! Had he ever shown his love to him this would have never happened. You have to share things and feelings just to pass on the love…. Never mistake LOVE for SEX, I know movies have made up a new meaning of LOVE, but I’m not talking about that LOVE.

Hope you like this incident and learnt something useful….