That Feeling Of Being Loved, Oh GOD!!

Being Loved:

Love is an eternal form of energy, it evolves with time and transforms to every possible emotion in the world. These emotions decide the fates of the one being loved and the person loving. The feel of being loved (other than family <3) by someone special is truly amazing, because finding someone who cares genuinely without bluffing things up is almost equal to impossible now. I have never ever been this happy and relieved in life that it feels like I have everything in life and don’t need anything else, I’m not in love but I’m being cared a lot. The hours I spent to impress and love someone were just waste of my time, feelings and emotions. Unless understood, those emotions won’t have value. From the state of ‘being rude to my life’ —> ‘Loving myself’ I transformed!! This wouldn’t have happened without that person and things that continuously run in my mind.

being loved

  1. Lack of self-analysis.
  2. Problems with understanding.
  3. Self-centered.
  4. Impatient.
  5. Acting good.
  6. Inexpressive 

These are some of the main factors that effect a relation, either it’s new one or an existing one, you see most of the problems occur due to not being expressive. It doesn’t matter what kind of person you are, but it’s important that you project yourself the way you are.

Imperfections are beauties – A broken DIAMOND is still a DIAMOND.”

Mind’s Morals:

  • Lack of Self-Analysis: Unaware of yourself and have committed to a relationship?? lack of self-analysis leads to tragedy no matter how many years relation you have been in, Life will turn out to be blue at the end.
  • Problems with understanding: This phase happens only when you analyse the person’s point of view, thoughts, situations and outcomes. The decisions they made which might have spoiled their life but all those drawbacks aren’t the real cons, It only made them stronger and wiser. You shouldn’t be afraid of getting F’s in your life’s progress card, you might have got all A’s in life till now but, when an unexpected ‘Failure’ shakes hand, you will end up giving up on LIFE easily, because you never tasted ‘Failure’ and the world always introduced failure in our canny head the wrong way.
  • Self-centered: If this is the person you are you must change!!, no person with self-centered attitude is neither loved nor cared. For example – you can see most of the celebrities are self-centered, where do they end up?? – Divorces, breakups, clash-ups, suicides not only celebrities but there are businessmen, politicians, students who end up bad.
  • Impatient: You must and must listen to others issues and never question their decisions, you just don’t know exactly what could be the situation that made them decide that, know hundreds of possibilities before even thinking of judging. Impatience leads to judging, judging leads to lack of understanding and support in relation.
  • Acting good: Now-a-days acting good has become a part of daily life, no matter how [email protected]#Ked up we are, we try to project ourselves happy and nice. But you can always ask for some space, explaining your situations, if the other one understands Awesome!!
  • Inexpressive: Having been addicted to phones, messengers and emails, we forgot to express ourselves face to face. Technology is trying to replicate every emotions humans do, which is still in alpha stage but the impact on people is drastic, they stopped talking directly and started finding people online and communicate. Human expressions and face-to-face conversations is more important than sending smiley faces on messengers. Expression is one of the best thing we’ve got yet we struggle to express.

All these thoughts in person helps them build a genuine relationship and better life. These are some of the basic morals you have to be taught before you plan on doing something in life. We were once held up in schools for moral classes and games, but now if seen there are no schools that provide this wonderful basic information of LIFE.

We are trained to apply formulas to solve problems in schools, colleges, universities. But when the real problems of life hits we don’t have formulas or solutions ready, we got to figure/deduce our own theories/formulas.


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