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Amazon KDP :

Hey guys I came up with a review on a department called KDP in Amazon. You might not be familiar with the process, this department actually deals with kindle direct publishing tool which is a platform for the publishers to publish their e-books of different genres.

I started working here from 16th September 2019 what I like about the place is that people are organized and team workers. On any new update from engineers or tools side is thoroughly been discussed and approached by team.

Amazon has a unique work culture, here everyone is leader and you see people with hell lot of attitude and power. This felt good since even, I’ve a role to play as a Senior Associate. I was never a formal dress lover and Amazon doesn’t have/care about dress codes, it looks at your performance.

Weekly events happen in the team like going out for an outing or organizing games. Employees are competitive and challenging at achieving their daily, monthly and yearly target.

Want to have fun? there are many recreational facilities like pinball, air hockey, X-boxes, chess, carrom etc.

This is what I observed in my training and the journey process, it’s just the beginning and a start to my career there is always much more to learn an achieve.

People are well aware of what amazon thrives for – Which is customer obsession and satisfaction.

Our whole induction day was on Consumer satisfaction, Invention and creating platforms for them to simplify their problems.

Amazon KDP
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